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Samantha Postman: Apps for automating creator tasks

October 18, 2021 Asim Jalis Season 1 Episode 5
Mighty Creators
Samantha Postman: Apps for automating creator tasks
Show Notes

In this episode I talked to Samantha Postman @SamanthaPostman about automating creator workflows for capturing meeting notes. I met Samantha in a writing class called #Ship30for30, where she continuously posted class notes into the chat. In this session Samantha tells us how she was doing this so quickly and without getting distracted from the class.

Samantha talks about why automation is so cool, tools she uses, and how she combines the tools to create powerful workflows.

Here are the apps she talked about:
1/ @Otter_ai: Transcribes speech to text. Useful for capturing meeting notes and for brainstorming on walks.
2/ @TextSniperApp: Converts slide images to text by using OCR.
3/ @Paste_app: When you copy/paste into the clipboard, paste remembers it so you can go back.
4/ @Setapp: Bundle of tools that gives you access to many useful tools for a flat price.
5/ @MindNode: Create mindmaps to brainstorm, write books, plan projects.
6/ @CleanShot: Quick screen capture for the Mac.

Discount links to apps
Here are Samantha’s discount links to the apps that were mentioned in the podcast.
1/ Otter.ai
2/ Setapp (Setapp includes PasteApp.io, TextSniper.app, MindNode, Cleanshot X)

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